7 principles

Complex challenges need simple tools and an open mindset.

The True Storytelling principles is both a simple method and mindset which can help you to create commitment and ownership for strategies and sustainable changes. The method is based on years of research in storytelling and changes management and the dna are the seven principles.

The Seven Principles in True Storytelling are:

(1)Truth: You yourself must be true and prepare the energy and effort for a sustainable future

(2)Make room: True storytelling makes spaces respecting the stories already there

(3)Plot: You must create stories with a clear plot creating direction and help people prioritize

(4)Timing: You must have timing

(5)Help stories along: You must be able to help stories on their way and be open to experiment

(6)Staging: You must consider staging including scenography and artifacts

(7) Reflection: You must reflect on the stories and how they create value

The True Storytelling Model

True Storytelling builds a bridge between strategic situation and the longing for meaning of the people as the basis of ethical strategy. The Ethical Strategy is agile/flexible planning with co-inquiry. We facilitate for co-understanding of the Situation, Strategy, and Basis. Services include documentation, goals, language, and staging to achieve passion/motivation, values, and meaning.

True Storytelling is how to get connected to Nature in Seven Ways. Nature, life in your organisation or your county, is like waves, the timing of the waves, and the understanding the rhythm of waves. People have their preferences for types and sizes of surfboards. It is like 0 (body board), plus Seven Different Types and Sizes of Surfboards. The Seven True Storytelling Principles are all about the relation of your surfboard to Nature, learning to see, hear, smell and taste the waves. Finding the partial stories and the untold stories are a way to surf the waves. Not to surf just any wave, but waiting for the ‘right wave’ the ‘true storytelling wave or waves” which transform your organization.7 True Storytelling Surfboards

Here is introduction to True Storytelling at a seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark

In the Copenhagen True Storytelling Seminar, David Boje, Jens Larsen, and Danish National Police Commissioner Jens Henrik Højbjerg explore the method and practice of true storytelling. They develop examples for police, business, united nations sustainability goals, education, and health care.

True Storytelling for Ethical Praxis (YouTube)

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