Why become a true storyteller?

We live in times of changes. The climate crisis, Black Lives Matters, the pandemic, people struggling with stress and the new normal. We need people who are ethical strong and dare stand in the arena and fight for ethical and sustainable changes and businessmodels. Who can create commitment, who can improvise and listen to different stories. Who knows that there is not just one story but fragments of different stories.

This is what it is to be a True Storyteller working for sustainable changes  and business in a orgnisation, ngo or community.

Together with you, experts in storytelling and business and other participants we train you to become a true storyteller. And to live your life as a true storyteller.

True Storytelling is a philosophy and approach to changes management but it is also a community, a thinktank and a place for sharing ideas and cases about storytelling, ethics and sustainability and business.

We are leading in storytelling and a part of an international network working with storytelling and sustaianability and ethical business and leadership.

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